July 15, 2017 It all starts with Joseph Jjuuko (C.E.O Emetack).

Joseph was born at Lwabenge, a sub-county of Kalungu district, Uganda. He grew up in deep village with his Dad (Jjuuko Joseph Namuyimba); who was a poor peasant farmer. His mum (Nakintu Joyce) had divorced in his infancy stage. They were over ten children at home. Subsistence Farming was the only source of income at home. He studied only in public schools until he completed high school; public schools was the only optional to his poor dad. There things like spending hungry at school and being chased out of class due lack of school fees; “ I always shed out tears when I remember such moments”-Joseph say. He tried all his best to continue to University, but there was no way forward. First of all; he was poor and had no money at their family to afford university bills. His father had already tried to sell his garden of sweet potatoes, but there was no one to buy it. Everything in his life turned dark. “I vowed to die trying, than to live lest of my life uneducated” - Joseph. So when dates of university intake drew near, He left home with faith to succeed and start looking for any sort of work possible with aim of raising school fees. The beginning was not easy, He once chased away from building site after having submitted his job application just for no proper reason. He wrote more than ten applications for job and all were rejected. He hated everything about himself and he wished his life was ending because he had nothing to eat, and he had nothing like coin in his pocket since he had spend all money over renting. Joseph spent several days without eating, he started admire to eat from a pit just to be alive. Once He tried to sell a pint of blood for 25,000UGX (~$6) at Byansi clinic, so he could eat. He could wake up early in the morning and start looking for any sort of work, many people ignored me, but He never quit. He asked door to door and person per person to see if He can be employed. He kept crying for help, but there was none to help. His life was not worth living. Often sleeping to “forget the misery of hunger”. He could eat water just to keep life going on. Once he moped a neighbor’s floor and compound, just all to survive. After two weeks later; he managed to get his first job, it was to lift and arranging poles for fence in the market yard. He could never exceed 2,000UGX per day for all period He spent there; the money that was not even enough for one meal, but he do submitted and act all his best. He worked there for few weeks and left for pottering at one of building site in Masaka. He got very many injuries from that building site, but he always found himself working just very hard. Joseph learned to accept any sort of work, and he cut down on all unnecessary expenses. The most hurtful thing Joseph can never forget was pottering at certain building site for a full week and paid nothing, he demanded for his money for almost a month and eventually he was cheated. Joseph came to realize that no person is beyond God’s help and that no tragedy is so great that God cannot comfort us, and always try your best even if you fail keep trying, God sees your passion and persistence. It was like other mornings. He was at building site, there was a certain family from Sweden just on other side of the site taking breakfast. He approached the family and kindly ask them to connect him to any Education sponsor in their country if it was possible. It took like one hour and he was called back to them by late Mr. Christer. They asked for his contact, upon that; also promised to pay all his school fees . Joseph Joined Kampala University in 2016 with Bsc. Computer science and information technology. He paid all his attention during his period at University; It was the only good gift he have ever got. He could do course work for other student along side studies to earn some extra income and little savings. He spent much of his time in computer programming. He could try anything he can in computer; eventually he came up with School Report card system (He spent 6 months programming) in 2017, and it was reject by St. Gerald Vocational S.S Masaka. Joseph never give-up; he upgraded the software and finally sold his first prototype to Lincoln S.S Masaka, St.Jude Bukoto S.S Masaka for 20,000 UGX and 100,000 UGX respectively. In 2018 he programmed a computerized Attendance system for his university for 250,000 UGX. In 2019/June/1st; Joseph started up a small IT company called Emetack (Meaning Emelie Thanks). with low as $ 695 ( $ 278 was from friends and family members $417 was the little saving he had made out of doing simple project like designing website, developing computer system etc. during university ‬) Emetack set its first office at Masaka District, Uganda. A distance of 137 Km and 2 hr. 49 Min Drive from Kampala City. It was Joseph’s dream to start a company and help other people no to face the hard life he had faced. He started Emetack to appreciate Emelie and her family and friend for all their help. In 2020; Joseph finished his Course of computer science at Kampala University. This has taught us that problems are only opportunities with thorns on them. Always try your best even if you fail keep trying, God sees your passion and persistence. Keep moving forward; even with tears in your eyes.

June 01, 2019 Where and How Emetack (Eme-Tack) Got this Name

Eme is a short form from the name Emelie (Emelie Ahlnér),Tack is Both a Swedish and English word. In Swedish; It means Thanks. Therefore; Eme-Tack means Emelie Thanks.


Emelie Alhnȇr was born in Sweden by Mr. Christer Ahlnér (RIP) and Mrs.Ann Louise Lollo Ahlnér with her sister Ida Ahlnér and Oscar Ahlnér. She Studied at The Swedish School of Textiles and now Lives in Gothenburg From Skillingaryd, Sweden. She, her family and friends have made Joseph what he is today and what he shall be in future. They’ve made his future bright. They deserve more than just a “thanks”. “I will always thank God for the gift of the Family of Ahlnér in Sweden. They might have forgotten how much they have made me to feel, But I am still very thankful for all what they have done to make my life better. MAY THE SOUL OF MR.CHRISTER AHLNÉR REST IN PEACE He was a person who could quietly give out to those in need even when He had little. His works will always be remembered He have given me a reason to live” – Joseph Jjuuko This Company Name (Eme-Tack) is a Mark that Joseph will forever remember all what they have done for me. The company will help many to reach their goals in life and they will all get know how much they have made me to feel. All these scripts shall forever be kept in file of records, and in international databases and websites.


Source: www.emeliejosephju.blogspot.com I HAVE TWO REASON WHY I SHOULD NEVER STOP TO THANK GOD, AND TWO THINGS THAT MAKES ME TO CRY WHENEVER I REMEMBER THEM. I CRY WHENEVER I REMEMBER: The day I set-off from my father’s home in deep village with only a bag of few clothes to wear, with nowhere to sleep, and no money to proceed with my studies. The periods I spent without eating. Once I tried to sell a pint of blood for 25,000UGX (~$6) at Byansi clinic, so I could eat. I could wake up early in the morning and start looking for any sort of work, many people ignored me, but I never quit. I asked door to door and person to person to see if I can be employed. My life was not worth living. Often sleeping to “forget the misery of hunger”. I WILL ALWAYS THANK GOD FOR: Every day that comes in and out, when seeing myself going to schooling. For sure; I will always thank you “GOD”. The gift of Mrs.Emelie, Mrs.Ann Louise Lollo, Ida and all the Family of Ahlnêr in Sweden. ” YOU MIGHT HAVE FORGOT HOW YOU HAVE MADE ME TO FEEL”, But I am still very thankful for all what you are doing to make my life better. “MAY THE SOUL OF MR.CHRISTER AHLNÊR REST IN PEACE” You were a person who could quietly give out to those in need even when you had little. Your works will always be remembered. “You have created a new beginning in my life and given me a reason to live” “I will always remember this; whenever everything seems hard to handle and feeling giving up”. “I CANNOT HIDE THIS; I am proud of you” “I vow to use the value of moment” “There will never be another now, I will make the most of today, There will never be another me, I will make the most of myself.”


Emelie Alhnȇr, Ida Alhnȇr, Petter Kellgren, Ann-Louise Lollo Alhnȇr and all shareholders. You have been my great pillar. You were with me by the time I needed you much. You helped me beyond my imagination. Thank you very much. Six (6) Months have passed now; since I have started this business. Things has been so hard, since I have started with little money, many of my friends whom I have started with; have left the business for other good paying Jobs. Sometimes we could starve, and fail to pay some bills, but I believed that there is always away forward. I have took the first step in faith. I did not have to see the whole staircase. Thank you very Much for all your Support; It is the only reason why I am still exist in the business industry. Your support was of much more importance to the company & me. You have done all your best to make sure I become what I should be. You are type of people who sees a value in poor and less privileged people. You have pushed the company & me to another level. We have no enough words to Say ‘thank you’. In addition, we may not have much to give back to you in order to show our gratitude for all your Support. However, please thank you very much. We are wishing you all the best that life can bring. May the soul of Mr. Christer Alhnȇr Rest In Internal Peace. You will forever be missed & remembered.

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