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Company Prayer

Father, Thank you for the opportunity to run this business. Whether our businesses are struggling or thriving, You are still God– our unchanging Provider, we praise You for the entrepreneurial spirit You set in our hearts. Let all of our achievements honor You. Stir in our hearts the courage to build a foundation of our business on the back of Your truth, and Your standards. Help us to honor the vision that You set in our hearts. Father, if You aim to accomplish something through us, You will see it to fruition. Help us to be faithful along the way. Open the doors of opportunity for us so that we may walk through them. Give us a spirit of excellence so that we may do well all that you have committed to us and grant us with financial independence. You are not a God of coincidence; you place people in our lives purposefully. For this reason, we pray for hearts that are open to Your voice that guides us in wisdom, and mute those that temp us to go astray. Show us our place in the business world, and beyond. How can we take what we are learning and earning to help those in far corners of our neighborhoods and the world? Show us our place, Father. Let our business be of great service to others. May this business grow and flourish, creating great opportunity and provision for all those involved. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

There will never be another now, we shall make the most of today, There will never be another Emetack, We shall make the most of Ourselves. "We Do It, Like No Any Other"

Reducing on level of unemployment by creating more jobs for people.

To sell Emetack softwares & services at every business, organization and home.

To build a large and sound business empire.

Always provide the best quality we can to our customers.

We are continuously moving forward, innovating, creating and improving.

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